Drop-in Kid Care FAQs

Don’t see your question listed here? No problem! Just give us a call or stop by – we are always glad to help with any questions you may have.

1. Can I really drop off my kids anytime?

YES! We offer childcare on your schedule with no reservation or commitment required. If you need a few hours or all day, we are available.

2. What type of programs are offered?

We have a preschool program, enrichment classes, group activities, theme nights on Friday and Saturday night, and special events and programs through out the month. Check our calendar for details! All programs and activities are offered at no extra charge!

3. What are your staff qualifications?

We perform criminal background checks and require our staff to be CPR and First Aid certified. We are very proud of our staff. From years of experience to Masters degrees, all of our teachers have great backgrounds!

4. Is Skidaddles state licensed?

Yes. Each of our facilities is state licensed and follow the guidelines and rules set forth by the state.

5. What is the staff to child ratio?

We follow the licensing regulations for the state of Kentucky and the state of Ohio, however, it is just the nature of our services to be over staffed. We typically have very low staff to child ratios. Feel confident knowing your children will get the individual attention they deserve!

6. Do I have to schedule a tour?

No! We have an open door policy. Stop in anytime for a tour.

7. Are meals and snacks provided?

Yes. Snacks are provided with the hourly care rate. Meals are provided at an additional charge.

8. What makes Skidaddles different?

EVERYTHING! We offer reliable care and you only pay for the time your child attends Skidaddles. You can use our center whenever a need comes up without prior planning.

9. How do we find out about special events and activities?

Special events and activities are posted on our monthly calendar on our web site.

10. Are you open on days schools are closed?

Yes, we are available for most snowdays, school vacations and in-service days.

11. If we have a regular childcare provider, how would your services by useful?

Think of us as an additional provider for your childcare needs. We can be a backup when your childcare provider is unable to care for your child. Use us on weekends or for occasional care. Use us for birthday parties or special occasions. Remember there is no commitment required.

12. Are you a nut free environment?

We strive to be a nut free environment. There will be no peanut products in our kitchen or facility. Food brought into our facility must be nut free.

13. How do you keep our kids safe?

Safety is our number one priority! From the facility design to our strict drop off and pick up policies, we make sure the kids are safe.

14. What do I need to do to get started?

To get started at Skidaddles, we will need the following:

  • A completed registration form (you can submit this online or complete the form at your first visit)
  • Signed Parent Handbook (completed at your first visit)
  • Immunization Record or Medical Statement (we need these records within 7 days of registration)

15. What should I bring with my child to Skidaddles?

We encourage bringing only a change of clothes and diapers for a child in diapers or potty training. We supply wipes and sippy cups. Please label any personal items you bring in.

16. Can I call and check on my child?

Absolutely! You are welcome to call or text and check on your child as many times as you like. Our facilities are open and the teachers and management team can see into all classrooms at all times, so it is easy to check in on your child. Skidaddles has also partners with HiMama. With HiMama, you can always stay in the loop with up to date information about your child’s day in real time as well as send messages to teachers and administrators.

17. Once I am registered at one Skidaddles, can I use other locations?

Yes! You pay one registration fee and that gives you access to all our facilities! You will need to fill out registration forms for each center to make sure we meet all state guidelines but no additional registration fee will be charged.

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