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Brittani Berg encompassed everything we look for in our teachers. She was happy, positive, and added so much value to our kids, families, and other team members. Brittani was a part of our Skidaddles team and we lost her unexpectedly in February of 2020. Brittani was amazing and inspiring to young woman. She was one of the original teachers to help our company grow, and she was a friend to us all. The Skidaddles’ Brittani Berg Memorial Teacher Scholarship is meant to help us remember Brittani and her love of learning and teaching. Each year in February, Kids for a Cause sponsors a $250 scholarship to a current employee in college.

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  • What ages do you accept at Skidaddles?
    Skidaddles is licensed for children 12 months until 12 years of age.
  • What is Honey Club?
    The Honey Club is a subscription based plan. Need more than hourly childcare but less that full time? We have you covered.
  • What will my child do during their visit?
    Feel confident knowing your child is having fun and learning in a safe environment. No matter what time of the day you drop-in, they will have fun participating in group activities, creating special art projects, using their imagination in our dramatic play room and making new friends! Make sure to check out our calendar of events!
  • Do I need to make a reservation?
    No, but Skidaddles offers flexible child care at a first come first serve basis so reservations are highly recommend. Needing a little more consistency? Check out Full Time or Honey Club.
  • What are you drop in rates?
    Once you enroll, the drop in rate for one child over 2 years old is $12 an hour. For two children its $18 an hour and $3 each additional child. Make sure to check out our prepay incentives!
  • Do you have full time availability?
    We do! However some classrooms fill up quick. You can contact the center directly by phone/text. Skidaddles Florence 859-647-7529 or Skidaddles Mason 513-204-3482. Until then, make sure to check out our Honey Club program
  • Do you provide food?
    Yes! Skidaddles follow USDA guidelines for meals and snack. Check with your center to see times and menu. Lunch is $5 for drop in families. It is important to note: Skidaddles strives to be a nut free center.
  • Is there a nap time?
    Nap time is from 12:30 to 2:30 everyday for children under 4 unless other wise requested. We give children 4 and up time to rest their bodies and back to play!
  • How many teachers will be supervising?
    We always go above and beyond the requirements for staff student ratios as set forth by our state licensing.
  • Are you closed on holidays?
    Skidaddles is closed all major holidays. Click here for our holiday and events schedule.
  • Can I take a tour?
    Absolutely! We would love for you to stop by. Click here to schedule a tour or give us a call for the best time to visit.
  • I have more questions.
    We have answers! Feel free to give us a call or text. You can also send a message on our website here.
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