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5 Reasons to Love Skidaddles

It’s love season! So we thought we’d give you a few reasons why we think you will love our premium, flexible child care that you can trust on a daily basis.

1. Safety is our Top Priority

Skidaddles was created and is managed by women who understand the concerns parents have with leaving their children in the care of others. We help parents feel at ease knowing their kids are in exceptional care. We treat each family who walks through our door as if they are our own.

When looking at Skidaddles’ Values you’ll find first and foremost see that we strive to Bee Great. This means we always “Provide Premium Care – We deliver the gold standard of care and go the extra mile each day for our kids. Their supervision, safety, comfort, and wellbeing always come first.” Our team members go through specialized classroom safety instructions, in addition to CPR and First Aid training. Parents can feel comforted knowing their child is in a safe, secure, and clean facility that exceeds all state requirements.

2. Our Sweet Staff

Our teachers are our most important asset in making sure families and children feel comfortable, safe, and happy. When choosing staff members, we look for teachers who are happy, positive, caring, energetic, and flexible. We build a team of members who share a love of working with children and are ready to play, nurture, and love each child in attendance at our center.

3. Fun Activities are Always Happening

We provide children with an endless assortment of activities to engage imagination and stimulate their minds and curiosity. At Skidaddles, your child will have opportunities to explore interests and social connections with cooperative, fun learning unique to each child.

Our schedule is designed to make each visit to Skidaddles a new, fun, and educational experience. Children throughout each day enjoy participating in group activities, creating special projects, imagining with pretend play, learning new skills and interests, and more. We even have special celebration days, events, and visitors sprinkled in each month to keep learning exciting! Be sure to check out our calendar for a full list of themes, activities and events.

4. Flexibility is at the Core of Each of our Services

One of the key pieces that makes Skidaddles unique from other child care providers is that no matter your family’s needs, we have flexible service options available for you. It’s Child Care Reimagined!

In need of Full-Time Care, but don’t have a normal Monday-Friday 9-5? We offer Custom Full-Time Care 3-5 days a week anytime you need. Just need a few hours to run errands? Check out our Flex Drop-In Care, Honey Club, or Date Nights. Only interested in enrolling your child in Preschool? We have flexible options to get your child kindergarten ready. Have school-agers who need Before and After School Care, back up options for days when school is out, or Summer Camp options? We offer services for each of these that allow for the flexibility your family needs when school is not in session.

We’ll be happy to talk with you further about a service that works best for your family – give us a call!

5. Expertly Designed Facilities

Skidaddles facilities are top-quality and specially designed to promote imagination, exploration, and learning. Our age-appropriate environment encourages children to move through learning centers at his or her own level of interest and ability, but in an open setting. This allows for each room and area to be seen at all times to maximize the safety of each child.

Come see for yourself why Skidaddles is so easy to love!

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