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Flexible Child Care: Meeting the Needs of Today’s Families

 We get it, balancing a work life and family life has its challenges. More importantly, finding child care that works for both you and your child can be easier said than done. At Skidaddles, our flexible child care is fit to accommodate the needs of all families! Take a look below at all the ways we can make life for your family a bit easier!

Drop In: So, you’re looking for care but don’t necessarily need it each week. Our Drop In program is the perfect way to accommodate child care for families without the long term commitment! Say you have an appointment, something came up at work, or you just need a day to yourself. Regardless of the need, our drop in program makes it easy for families with ever-changing schedules to find care!

How it works: With our Drop In service, families are charged by the hour. After each visit, parents and guardians are able to pay as they go which removes the hassle of accumulated balances and unknown charges. Simply call, text, or make a reservation online!  And be sure to ask us about our prepay packages to help you save!

Honey Club: In search of something a little more consistent? Our Honey Club packages provide  a set amount of hours to use throughout the month and are designed to accommodate families in search of consistent or recurring visits. Honey Club is a great way to give your child a classroom experience and ease them into a routine! 

How it works: Simply choose between one of our three packages, Sweet: 5 hours, Premium: 20 hours, and Golden: 40 hours. This plan includes meals and is charged monthly! Hours will reset at the beginning of each month! 

Full Time: If neither of those options fit your schedule, you’re in need of custom care! Our Full Time packages create stress-free service for our families. No need for a reservation! Full Time families have the ability to choose the days they need care each week. 

How it works: Plans range between three, four, and five days a week! Included in this package are meals, flexible drop off and pickup times, and three free hours to use towards date night each month! 

Preschool Program: At no extra charge, families can utilize our yearly Preschool Program! Finding time in your busy schedule to prepare your child for Kindergarten is often easier said than done. At Skidaddles, our teachers create a premium learning environment that prepares your four and five-year olds for the next step! Ask us today about our hours and availability for the 2024-2025 Learn and Grow Academy!

Before and After School Program: For many families, work hours don’t quite align with their child’s school hours. Our Before and After School Program gives families a flexible cost option to transport your child to and from school!

Find a plan that fits your needs? Don’t wait, contact your local center about getting started or enroll with us online! 

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