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Playing is Learning

Playing is Vital to a Child's Development

Play is an essential part of childhood, but not just for the fun, amusing part of it. It actually is a key factor for children's growth and learning in their early stages of life. Did you know most brain development happens between birth to Kindergarten? Experiences help make connections in the brain and the more often we experience something, the stronger we’re making those connections. Play allows for those experiences and connections to happen for optimal brain development.

Playing encourages...

1. Language and Cognitive Development

Play promotes healthy brain growth. Each time a child plays it strengthens neural connections in the brain, as well as, the prefrontal cortex - the area in the brain used for problem-solving.

Studies have shown that play can also enhance performance in language and communication skills. Naming toys, pretend-play, and more allow for children to practice new vocabulary and speaking to communicate with others.

2. Physical Development

Various forms of play greatly help with physical development in children. It helps develop a child's gross motor skills, balance, and coordination while also building their muscle strength and endurance.

3. Social and Emotional Development

Playing with friends can help a child learn about themselves and the world around them. They are able to explore their own emotions which allows for better emotional regulation later in life as children come across challenging situations with their peers.

Playing enhances children's social skills as they explore different social interactions like negotiating with peers, following rules, sharing, handling conflict, and learning how to express themselves. Through their experiences in these situations, children develop empathy for other people's feelings.

Playing is at the Core of the Learning Experience at Skidaddles

Our centers are designed to encourage children to learn, play and explore. We strive to provide young children with an assortment of age-appropriate activities that engage the imagination, stimulate their minds and curiosity, and allow for friendship building and social development.

Our days at Skidaddles are filled with activities that provide children with the opportunity to learn through playing. Any time you drop-in to Skidaddles, your child can engage in a variety of activities like: sensory bins, crafts and creative play, imaginative play, enrichment classes, social games, outdoor play, story time, free play, visits from fun and educational guests that allow for hands-on learning experiences, and so much more!

What Can You Do At Home?

Life for parents and children these day can be filled with so many obligations. It can be difficult to find the time to allow for the proper amount of play time that your child truly needs. However, play doesn't have to be too complicated. Among the many other benefits, it also provides an opportunity for you to connect with your child.

Here are a few easy ideas to try at home:

  1. Start with good nutrition.

  2. Play and read with your kids.

  3. Comfort them through their emotions and life experiences.

And for the times when life is too busy or your battery as a parent is running low, Skidaddles is always here to help! Intentionally set aside time each month to drop-in to Skidaddles to ensure your child is getting lots of playing, learning, and exploring. It's not only good for your child, but for you as a parents as well! You both need dedicated time to truly flourish and spread your wings.

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