Drop-in anytime for your child under 5 to play and learn at Skidaddles. Our facilities are designed so that children of each age are grouped together. Expect scheduled activities each day and opportunities that allow them to explore and grow. Skidaddles has weekly themes and all of our activities revolve around our themes. Each time your child visits will be a unique and exciting experience.

Our Preschool Program: Learn and Grow at Skidaddles Preschool!

Our program begins with an age appropriate environment that encourages children to learn, play, and explore. Add in great teachers, a hands on curriculum, wonderful enrichment activities, and lots of friends to make an outstanding program!! Young children will find an endless assortment of activities that engage the imagination and stimulates their minds. Skidaddles is an adventure that will challenge your child through play and exploration!

What Makes Skidaddles’ Preschool Program Different? Everything!

  • Enrichment activities like – Sign Language, Drama *Rama, Magical Music, Foreign Language, Cooking and More! In addition to art, and language and literacy workshops, Skidaddles offers enrichment programs as part of our preschool! Check our calendar for the latest classes.
  • Flexibility— you choose the days that work best for you!
  • Only pay for the time you are at Skidaddles! You are not required to pay for times your child is sick, or for vacation or holidays when you choose the drop-in.
  • Top quality, degreed and experienced teachers in an expertly designed facility!
  • Kindergarten readiness program with a hands-on and sensory based curriculum.

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