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Can’t Take the Kids Outside? Three Activities to Get the Sillies Out!

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

When kids can’t go outside, the boredom kicks in and you wonder why your little one is running in circles around the room with a bucket on his head and screaming (true story for this mom). Large motor movement for kids can be hard to do inside but essential to their day. However, with a little imagination and a few supplies around the home, you can turn these long cold days into fun for the whole family. Here are our favorite activities that help get the sillies out!

Balloons: If balloons are not on your child’s supply list, go ahead and make sure it is now. Balloons can be fun for any age (including adults) and there is so much you can do with them! Our favorite is balloon tennis! Blow up a few balloons, grab a kid safe stick and secure it to the back of a paper plate. Make two to play tennis or just one and tell them to not let the balloon hit the floor!

Build a fort: You probably remember doing this as a kid! Keep it simple with sheets, blankets and a few chairs. We have used large tables, big boxes, and other furniture as well. Drape the sheet over the furniture and secure it with books, tape or string. Inside the fort add blankets and their favorite stuffed animals. Add pillows to the outside of the fort so they have a safe spot when the floor is lava and I promise this will be an activity you enjoy too! Bonus points when you add twinkle lights, and a décor theme.

Obstacle Course: Your children will not only love this, but they will want to help you put it together, WIN! Start with creating a map of challenges throughout your home. As you plan your challenges, add some critical thinking ones in the mix too depending on their age. Here are some awesome obstacle course challenges you might want to add to your plans at home! Use a timer and have all the family run the course to see who has the best time.

  • Stacking/Building: grab a few plastic cups or legos and have them build a tower with those items.

  • Balance Beam: Use painter’s tape to make your balance beam across the floor. The tape can go straight, zig zag or other wacky ways.

  • Balloon Toss: Use those balloons from the previous activity, a laundry basket or box

  • The Floor is Lava: Use pillows across the floor as steppingstones or jumping pads so they can avoid the “hot” lava.

  • Hallway Maze: Grab that painter’s tape again or use some old streamer and secure from one wall to the other.

  • Gym Style Tasks: Use pieces of paper to write down tasks for them to complete: 10 jumping jacks, hop on 1 foot across the room, hula hoop challenge, dance move, etc.

  • Under/Over: Use a chair or an ottoman to go under and over.

  • Puzzle: Have them create a puzzle or use paper to write or sort the alphabet before moving on to the next task.

PS: When it is time to take the kids outside, take these same activities outside and they won’t be disappointed!

We hope these activities can help your kids have a great time moving and learning on these cold winter days! Even though the kids can’t go outside, making memories inside can be just as fun.

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