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Chores? Do Your Kids Help Out Around the House?

School is back in swing, and your routine is probably getting back on track by now. Life is certainly a little crazier too!!! I know we are spending lots more time in the car, leaving bright and early and not getting home until late. Needless to say, my house being in disarray is becoming the norm. The laundry is piling up, the kids rooms are neglected and nothing is finding its way back to its home! I think it’s time for the kids to start doing more chores and earning an allowance!

There are tons of sites out there with ideas for age specific chores. Even as young as one year old, a toddler can assist with picking up toys. Teach your young ones the clean up song and try to make it fun! Turn it into a learning game too—can she put away all of the green toys? Use this as an opportunity to teach shapes, colors, numbers, etc.

My oldest is a pro at cleaning windows and glass doors! Make sure the spray is nontoxic (we use vinegar and water) and that the kids know how to point the spray nozzle. My older kids (4 and 2) can take toys to their rooms, put away silverware, fold washcloths, put always shoes and backpacks, etc. Trust me–if they know where to get things to play with, then they know where things should be put away!!!

Older kids can help sweep, make beds, put away their own laundry and so on. Don’t assume they can’t. As long as you give some guidance and positive coaching, your older ones will amaze you!

There are lots of ideas out in the web for allowance too! We go by the $1 per year of age per week. $2 a week for my 2 year old; $4 a week for my 4 year old. We encourage that this money gets saved too. And make this part fun too! The next time you are at the bank, grab a roll of silver dollars, gold dollars or $2 bills! Switch it up!

Some parents I know pay by the chore too. Ten cents for this, a quarter for that. This can be a good way to keep them motivated and on task!

Right now the Boone County library is offering financial classes for the entire family–even the young ones. Money education can be a great motivator!!! Check out the details at

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