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DIY Activity - Play Dough

This time of year, the weather for each day can vary drastically. One day we may get to enjoy sunshine and 70 degree weather, a full day of rain the next, then next thing you know we’re back to 50 degrees and overcast. It’s great to have activities on hand that your little ones can enjoy at the drop of a hat – play dough!

Play dough is an indoor activity that provides endless opportunities for fun, creativity, and even learning for all ages (even adults)! And now, with this simple, homemade recipe you won’t ever need to buy store-bought play doh again! This is the tried and true recipe of our teachers. Finding ways to play and learn with hands-on activities is always a hit at Skidaddles!

Save this image and give it a try on your next rainy day indoors with your kids!

Be sure to store in sealed zip lock bags or something similar for long lasting play dough.

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