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Expand Curiosity and Enrich Your Children's Lives

What is enrichment? Enrichment activities give children the opportunity to learn and explore interests that are outside of their typical school curriculum.

Skidaddles creates an environment that engage children’s curiosity, stimulate their minds, and challenge them as they explore. To further our well-rounded, holistic education-approach, we offer enrichment classes as part of our preschool program. These classes are also available, for no additional charge, to drop-in families as well looking to enhance, or enrich, their child’s lives.

At Skidaddles, we believe a child is never too young to explore the never-ending possibility of interests. Since a child’s brain is developing rapidly from ages 1-5, providing them with enrichment activities allows them opportunities to discover a future passion and begin developing those skills early on.

Benefits of Enrichment Activities for Children:

1. Discover and Nurture Talents and Abilities – Enrichment activities allow children to uncover or diver deeper into interests that may one day become a true passion. Take the saying “If you never try, you’ll never know” – your child may truly enjoy or have a unique talent in a topic, so it’s always best to allow them to explore when they’re young.

2. Practice Social Skills – Many of our enrichment classes engage children and encourage them to work together. This can even help build and strengthen friendships as they collaborate.

3. Build Confidence – When children are challenged with new activities it can be scary. Exploring things outside of their comfort zone helps them build confidence as they learn and try new activities in the future.

4. Develop Skills – Our enrichment program is on a 6-week rotation where children can build upon the lessons and skills that they learn in each subject from week-to-week. In addition, we also work in ways for children to practice fine and gross motor skills. For example, our cooking class practices cutting fruits with play knives to help with dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Our fitness and movement classes help develop gross motor skills as they run, jump, balance, and more.

Enrichment classes help a child reach their fullest potential and discover their unique interests that may one day make them who they are!

Don’t forget you can sign up to join us for FREE this weekend with our Free Registration Weekend happening online. Register and join us for a fun, engaging enrichment class this session! Here’s a list of our current offerings:


Tuesday – Movement and Music

Wednesday – Cooking

Thursday – STEM


Monday – Music

Wednesday – STEAM

Friday - Fitness

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