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Ladybug Craft- Skidaddles Activity Kits

They say when a ladybug lands on you, it is a sign of good luck! Why not bring a little luck to you with this easy 3D ladybug craft.

Materials Needed:

  • Red Paper

  • White Paper

  • Black Marker

  • Google Eyes

  1. Cut 2 large circles out of red paper. Depending on the size you want, at least 3 inch circumference.

  2. Add polka dots using your black marker.

  3. Fold both circles in half.

  4. Attached the two circles to the paper using glue putting one half of each circle back to back as you see above.

  5. Using your black marker, draw and color a head and antennas.

  6. Attach google eyes to the head.

  7. Add a cute quote, child’s name, and date for this adorable keepsake!

Ladybugs are just the beginning! What other kind of bugs can you make using this template?

Kids are our passion, and we love to have fun! We put some of our favorite activities in a kit so kids can play and learn at home!

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