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Preschool Matters - Here's Why

As the summer season comes to a close, the start of a new school year is finally upon us! For many, this can be a stressful, confusing, and even scary time for parents to undergo. Fortunately for you, we have the answer!

Preschool, it matters - here’s why!

What is preschool? - Preschool is an early learning environment designed to prepare your kiddos for the next step, kindergarten! Students are able to engage in hands-on curriculum, social play, and an array of enrichment activities such as foreign language, cooking, and music! Most importantly, preschool is led by teachers who create a stress-free environment with the priority of making learning fun for everyone!

  • Schedule- Each day, students are led through various lessons and activities that exercise the value of structure and classroom engagement. Teachers create weekly lesson plans formatted to ensure your child learns something new each day!

  • Activities- Learning should be fun! Most importantly, it matters that your child is able to surround themselves in a positive environment that encourages creative thinking. Activities such as circle time and daily crafts teach exciting yet valuable concepts that are sure to benefit them in the future!

  • Social Engagement- Classroom environments encourage children to interact with a diverse number of students. Through group assignments and classroom interaction, students are able to build friendships and learn various social skills!

  • Cognitive Development- Preschool introduces your child to basic fundamental skills such as counting, spelling, and coloring. As each student begins to learn and comprehend each skill, they are instilled with the confidence they can succeed!

While it’s always sad to bid farewell to the summer activities, we are buzzing with excitement as we prepare to welcome our new busy bees into our program! Interested in enrolling your child in our Learn and Grow Academy? Contact us today!

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