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The Importance of Reading to Your Kids at Home

"A study from The Ohio State University found that young children who are read to five times daily will hear nearly 1.5 million words by the time they turn 5 - boosting their language development and setting a strong foundation for school success."

Looking for an engaging way to connect with your child outside of the classroom? Look no further! Reading with your kids at home is a cost-effective yet constructive activity designed to test the limits of exploration. This in-home activity can play a crucial role in the growth of their imagination and improvement of their overall cognitive development!

Imagination- Books are a great way for kids to develop their own sense of imagination. Empowering your child to get creative and think imaginatively at a young age is pivotal for the development of their interests and hobbies! Books encourage children to expand their creativity and challenge their abilities to conceptualize various stories.

Concentration and Structure- As many experts say, “consistency is key!” Introducing a “regular” reading time to your child creates structure and increases their concentration. This routine may take patience however, structure is crucial to the development of a child’s overall attention-span!

Reading Comprehension- It’s never too early to read with your child! Books can often have a significant impact on a child’s vocabulary and comprehension skills. The earlier a child is able to comprehend various vocabulary skills, the easier it is for them to communicate and convey emotions!

Emotional Awareness- Speaking of emotions! It’s not always easy for kids to express their emotions because they have yet to fully understand them. Introducing your child to a wide-range of genres and various stories helps them to better understand their own feelings! As kids begin to visualize characters handling emotions such as sadness, anger, and even excitement, they become emotionally aware of not only their feelings but others as well!

Parent/Child Connection- Last but certainly not least, taking time to relax and read with your child establishes an intimate connection! Whether you’re reading their favorite fairytale or introducing them to an old classic, the connection made through stories teaches your child the importance of relationships and the value of spending time with loved ones!

As summer comes to a close, feel free to ask us about our kindergarten readiness program which further develops your child’s reading engagement! Our literacy based program strives to enhance your busy bees with the opportunity to grow and flourish creatively!

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