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Tips for First Time Visitors

As we welcome in the new year, it’s the perfect opportunity to welcome in our new families! For many new families, the first visit can introduce nerves and jitters for both the parent and the child. But no need to worry! Skidaddles has the perfect guide to help reduce stress for everyone. 

Know Before They Go: Ahead of their first visit, discuss with your child what they might expect. Check out our monthly calendar and get your child excited about the fun activities they will be participating in while also ensuring them that you’ll be back to get them soon. If you were joining us for a Date Night, this could sound like:

“We’re going to go to Skidaddles today and you're going to have so much fun making friends while Mommy and Daddy go to dinner! You're going to do some crafts, play some games, have dinner, watch a magic show then we will be back to pick you up and Skidaddles will give you a prize!"

Have a Game Plan: One of the best ways to help comfort and encourage your child is to have a plan for a specific drop-off routine or ritual that your child will become familiar with that can help ground them when faced with a new encounter. A positive and swift goodbye routine will allow the child to get quickly settled into their exciting new environment with new toys and friends!

Below are a couple examples, but always remember to do what feels the most natural for you and your child!

  • “Have a great time, I’ll be back soon!” followed by a hug and a kiss

  • “You’re going to have so much fun with your friends!” followed by a high-five

Gradual Transitions: For children, the concept of time looks a lot different! If you have the means to do so, try and ease your child into 1-3 hour visits within the first couple of reservations. This allows your child to become comfortable and aware of their surroundings without feeling too overwhelmed! Our flex drop in care option is a great option for our first time visitors looking to transition into childcare!

It’s Okay to Cry: Although all children are different, it is a very normal reaction for your child to shed a few tears on their first visit! While happiness and enjoyment is our main goal, we understand it may take some time and adjustment for your kiddo to feel fully comfortable in a fresh environment. Of course it’s always difficult to see your child cry, but know those emotions play a huge role in their social and emotional adaptation! 

Thinking about trying Skidaddles’ premium child care services out? Now is the time! Inspired by the new year, all January enrollment fees will be discounted at $20.24 instead of the original $75! We look forward to seeing you all soon!

EXTRA SWEET TIP: Find a cute picture book you can read with your child to help prepare them for what to look forward to and ease their fears!  Here’s one that we found to be a sweet way shift anxious emotions about time away from Mommy into those of excitement to spend time with other caregivers as well:

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