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Why Choose a STEAMI-Focused Summer Camp for Your Child?

Summer is just around the corner and parents are looking for ways to keep their children learning, growing, having fun, and making friendships. A STEAMI-focused summer camp can be just what you’re looking for!

What is STEAMI?

STEAMI stands for science, technology, engineering, art, math, and imagination. The world is very different from when parents were growing up – technology has come so far and which opens up a new era of career paths and interests that will likely only increase in demand in the future. To reflect these changes and allow for opportunities for children to begin exploring these topics, many schools are implementing STEAM classes for children.

Benefits of a STEAMI-focused Summer Camp

1. Keep children learning and exploring interests all summer in a fun way. Ongoing learning allows for children to stay engaged when formal education is out of session, while also enjoying learning and building upon skills in a more natural way, different setting, with new friends and teachers!

2. Develops 21st Century Skills – like problem-solving, creativity, and innovation. Giving children exposure to STEAMI activities at early ages provides them with more paths and opportunities for future education or careers.

3. Builds Confidence – A STEAMI-focused summer camp is a low pressure learning setting where children aren’t worried about tests and grades and gets to enjoy learning freely. This provides a setting for a child to feel safe enough to take risks as they use their skills to work through challenges – therefore boosting their confidence when they experience success and ready to take on more challenges!

4. Builds Teamwork Skills – Our summer camp is built with lessons plans that encourage teamwork as they work through fun activities that require problem solving with their peers. This allows for children to build friendships as well as they celebrate each others’ achievements.

Skidaddles Playcation Summer Camp gives your family these benefits along with the flexibility to attend when it works best for you. You can join us for just a day or all summer long by simply choosing the days you need. In addition to STEAMI-focused activities, we also have special visitors and celebrations each week such as Looney Balooney, Kona Ice, Museum on Wheels, and so much more!

You can learn more about our award-winning summer camp here.

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